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LILY Apr 15 '18

all of a short moment more than ten car compartments are a Mao Mao to pull the voice that the gun bolts.Because the right and wrong battle carried out task, plus Russia to worry so the beam sea of Tang Nu Wu the Blake Swihart Authentic Jersey camp is only a light infantry camp, the strongest weapon in hand is light machine gun and hand grenade, isn't six ashes wolf that only install a light machine gun to used for going around and inspecting a work area contact armoured vehicle that goes together with to belong to. "Agree Ke Fu's major, please contact arrangement our encampment." For match with Tang Nu Wu beam sea camp, Russia the parties come to a major that calls to agree Ke Fu to be responsible for from the sea cucumber Wei, don't see this major nothing important reputation, but the Bobby Doerr Authentic Jersey somebody else has a mother's relatives just rises a vice admiral and allowed Black Sea fleet commander.Just this is obviously similar to the railroad train driver is an alcoholic, infuse oneself every day in a daze, with as for hear inquiry still be rubbing eyes:"Where did we arrive?" "Is black to pull Er!Major."Pull man alcoholic to really make Li Lie Jun have no Zhe on this kind of Si of stand, simply fight poison with poison to make an expression of eyes let the guard take a bottle of the old white for taking to do to sway to sway:"Major, we need to immediately arrange to halt ground." "Too stick, Brandon Workman Authentic Jersey this matter hands over to me."There is wine, agree Ke Fu to immediately hurtle to go off train as the rabbit to look for to contact a member in city hall, but very quick he came back from disappointing for the full face, and still brought a very unfortunate news, because the parade and riot is black the authorities pulling Er municipal services have already all stopped transacting, wait instauration order in the city just can arrange behind. Li Lie Jun deeply absorbs tone, vision a time of time once swept from the outside round the crowd of view.The confusion condition imitates a Buddha to make him return to the Nanking of four year agos, Brian Johnson Authentic Jersey that time Qing Dynasty just fell from power, whole country top and bottom one confusion, although the people also didn't Europe that kind of parade and protest threatening force appeared,carried rifles with loaded bullets of bandit and bore arms everywhere with now it likeness!The behind constantly and continuously carried the train of labor to still have a few hours to come right away, if just stepped on Russian land to let they the hungry belly fall into disorder, how should oneself give an account to the nation! "Get off!One row connector the station adjust one degree room, two rows, three rows go upstairs an attention protection, four rows ……see there?That vacant land clears for all of me clean act as temporary encampment."He is resolute to after reaching an order under a few lieutenants, again be the public side take out one colorful U.S. dollar of chasing:"Agree Ke Fu's major, we need a food!I can not let the labors arrive hungry belly just, moreover can enlist some workers or volunteer for me?" Don't say to agree Ke Fu's major, connect more than ten at outside go toward in stretch forward of Russian soldier all eyes deliver green!This is the wealth atmosphere thick American troops, still it is said that even eat rice are satisfied Chinese troops not?To, do they seem to say volunteer?!The order bottom reaches behind already the soldier of Xu power due-out quickly rush out railroad train, flying soon will all emptily adjust one degree room to capture.