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LILY Mar 9

once with personal prestige establishment rise all countries unified a principle to China of he, but have never felt such discomfort, that was clear and crisp of voice seem how also could not hold up against, a voice to drilled in ear. After two American marine Lance McCullers Astros Jersey corps soldiers push away a door, sting purpose sunlight immediately from Sa in the doorway into sway a burst of eye is dizzy, the sunlight bottom lets public waited for fully five days of high figure finally appearing, Yang Qiu took a smile to walk into board room, courtesy ground nods regards to each minister and the representative:"Is very sorry, the sea breeze of fortress in Qingdao seems too violent, make the everybody long etc. really is Yang Mou's fault." "Deputy president you is necessarily very kind, think your body has been already resumed?"Have already known from the man the space Er the cipher telegram after Yang Qiu still was hesitating to form alliance, Luke Gregerson Astros Jersey the Dou wheat joy starts to represent everyone to welcome.He is undoubtedly the most easy in , because even if in virtuous really form alliance, Yang Qiu and republic government have already in no case promise as well will give up and the good cooperation of the United States, on the contrary prepare to open more regions to build up similar Hankow and area in Central America trading of Chongqing. "Many thanks to the concern of everybody, my body has been already liked."At accompany of Chinese space Er guide line under Yang Qiu sit at most in the center, in his the left side, the five fangs in the court and assistant the right side stays to Cai Gong and Cai E et al. "Deputy president you, Marwin Gonzalez Astros Jersey we hope today from your."This time already the nobody would like to hold up time, but Zhu Er Dian just prepares to come straight to the point is interrupted:"Sorry minister you, previous I have a matter to think to first have a chat with Japan representative here."After finishing saying, the vision slowly twists to Japanese minister represents loose even Heng male at the time, because Japanese minister mountain the circle time Lang heavy disease can not drive a minister job, so from he temporary generation. The have the meeting Jin Fan warrior's blood relationship of a wait three great nowise be afraid of look in the eyes to come up, even would not like to admit Yang Qiu's public position, cold Ao way:"Did you what rubbish say to me?" Yang Qiu looking at him chillily, body slowly anteversion:"He, arrive a trip agreeable?" The loose even Heng male Max Stassi Astros Jersey still thinks he will what strange recruit, have never thought incredibly is the problem that has already had ready plans to meet a situation, directly shake head:"I don't understand you's meaning."In fact everybody knows that, he is who, take the affair of that small emperor to Japan without authorization, Zhu Er Dian and minister in France and Russia are also very angry, although they have never wanted and formed alliance with China,they don't want to arouse to turn an antinomy as well, wants to keep the current policy adopts to procrastinate a way to be taken illegitimate profit by Germany and even works well to just a little let some preparation of benefitses for this countries like English method,etc, but this hand in Japan is beyond doubt to push Yang Qiu to in the hostile noodles.