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LILY Mar 9 '18

hope you to come."The segment Qi Rui made change the national defense army system type soldier after packing, but still north ocean those odd pieces merit badges hang all of full chests BE, the sunlight bottom sways person's eye is dizzy. "The tin mountain once sees commander."The Yan tin mountain hurriedly catches up to go to several steps and says with smile:"Letting you waiting me here is really a fault, fault." "Ha ha, all say 100 Chuans, Brandon Saad Women's Jersey you Shanxi manage of only have, today come to our Peking to go to assume office can continue to use more, so big city Jin is the root of our these people son, can not keep on declining again.The root of"segment Qi Rui there are words in the words, what call" our these people son?"Obviously is disaffection is adjusted to walk, the Yan tin mountain continues to protect north the ocean leave so to order to loose old loose little, but he more more lets like this Liao the Zhong Kai secretly laugh, no wonder that all say north ocean three heros in this the most self-willed, clearly Dou however Yang Qiu want to suggest with this way, isn't more irritating to disgust. If the Yan tin Nick Schmaltz Women's Jersey mountain is also a lovely heart, how can could not listen to him and said after elaborating a sentence:"Though the segment commander trusts to go to assume office, since the big president appoints Yan some be mayor in Peking City, how say to also want to guard for these three cents, the ground does point result."He this severals say drop water is gastight, although the world persons all know that he is what Yang Qiu arranges come, it happened that pushed a Li dollar of in the Hong body, that meaning is to say that what injustice you have to have to seek a president to go to, don't with I so the little mayor competes. Segment Qi Rui the corner of mouth took out several bottoms, at the moment person much also not go into action to pull his hand to say to give a welcome party for new appointee mayor to give welcome dinner, Patrick Sharp Women's Jersey the Yan tin mountain also pulls not next face to refuse, so take Liao Zhong Kai to wait person to prepare to attend party and just want to get on the car to after death but suddenly ring out a some voice with familiar ears. "100 Chuan elder brother, Japan a don't few years, you are still that the elegant appearance remain." The Yan tin mountain hurriedly twists overdo, but see shape short small, circle round face nose the bottom stay a to gather the soil of small beard fatty wise at first two don't know when appear at after death. "Soil fatty gentleman?You when came to Peking." The Yan tin mountain unexpectedly will run into soil in Peking fatty wise at first two, 2 people the old schoolmate of the Japanese the school of army sergeant, the soil was fatty when Japan's six privateses Marian Hossa Women's Jersey studied in those early years wise at first two still worry he learned words in Shanxi, he also went to fatty original in home of soil and was a traveler, the and the rise time once carried on a discussion for Japan and China relation and calculated up better friend. "I came last year."The soil is fatty wise at first two averted from his/her own current work, says in the legation to allow military officer, he finally still intentionally used up accent in Shanxi smiled to ask a way:"100 Chuan the elder brother see my words in Shanxi say can also?You leave Japanese empress I can practice for a long time." "Good.Say than me still smoothly, if come at two altar old Chen Cu's bubbles more tunnel."