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by Salah Takieddine


BEIRUT, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Statistics by international bodies ranked Lebanon in first place worldwide regarding the ratio of refugees compared with its inhabitants.


Lebanon hosts over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, 550,000 Palestinian refugees, 20,000 Iraqi and Sudanese refugees, whereas its total population does not exceed four million.


Since the uprising against Syrian President Bashar El-Assad's regime in March 2011, thousands of refugees fled their war-torn countries and settled in various parts of Lebanon, and the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) provides them with the necessary aid.


However, Lebanon's Social Affairs Ministry released figures showing the international aid provided to Syrian refugees does not cover more than 20 percent of their estimated needs, calculated by the UNHCR to be close to 2.1 billion U.S. dollars.


Meanwhile, Lebanon's resources are being depleted particularly in the services sector, as well as education and health and environment fields.


On the World Refugee Day, which falls on June 20 every year, Imad Abou-Ali, coordinator of international aid organizations and Syrian refugees in the Saghbine camp in West Bekaa, criticized the aid rationing to the refugees as 70 percent live below the poverty line, with a daily three dollar wage.


He told Xinhua that the children's rights bill is being violated on a daily basis, as Syrian families send their children to work in private businesses for a daily wage ranging between three to five dollars.


Meanwhile, the Syrian refugees' harsh living conditions in Lebanon, in addition to lacking work opportunities, forced many female refugees to prostitute themselves in order to secure their daily needs.


For example, 35-year-old Syrian refugee S.CH told Xinhua that she lost her husband in the war and found herself obliged to be a prostitute at a night club to feed her four children.


""One night, the Lebanese security services arrested me along with 12 other Syrian females for prostitution,"" she said, adding that ""after I was released from jail, I prostituted myself again, and most prostitution rings hire Syrian females.""


As for refugee Leila al-Hamad, she called on donor countries on the World Refugee Day to seriously deal with the Syrian crisis and work effectively towards ending the war in their country.


In north Lebanon, the regular protests were organized on the World Refugee Day to draw the world's attention to the Palestinians' ordeal in the refugee camps of Nahr el-Bared and al-Biddawi.


Around 70,000 Palestinians live in the two refugee camps and they face harsh conditions aggravated by the aid cut provided by the UNRWA.


In addition, armed battles which erupted in 2007 between the Lebanese army and the extremist ""Fath el-Islam"" militants resulted in the destruction of the Nahr el-Bared camp and the displacement of around 40,000 refugees.


Most of Nahr el-Bared camp inhabitants were moved to the al-Biddawi camp and other Lebanese villages in the north, as the rehabilitation and reconstruction project funded by the international community has yet to be completed.


Subsequently, several Palestinian refugees sought migration to Europe in the past two years.


However, most attempts ended miserably with the sinking of illegal boats which were illegally transporting refugees from north Lebanon to Turkey or Greece.


In al-Beddawi camp, 67-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Awad told Xinhua that he has been calling for decades on the international community to apply with the United Nations resolutions related to the Palestinian cause.


""But it seems our cause has been forgotten and our suffering has become merely headline text for the world's media,"" he said. Enditem

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HAVANA, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Celebrated Spanish football club Real Madrid on Monday opened a training camp in Havana for Cuban children.


Some 100 boys and girls selected from eight schools in Havana attended the first day of training as part of a program designed to teach values through football.


The five-day football clinic, at the Eduardo Saborit sports complex in the city's Playa district, will focus on a different aspect of the game each day, including leadership, teamwork and respect for others, according to Joaquin Sagues, director of the club's Campus Experience program.


Retired striker Emilio Butragueno was expected to arrive in Cuba on Tuesday. As the club's director of institutional relations, he will be leading some training sessions and meeting with the president of the Cuban Sports Institute (Inder), Antonio Becali.


Sagues said the team plans to expand the program, carried out in more than 40 countries since 2010, to Cuba's other provinces.


BEIJING Nike SF Air Force 1 Pas Cher , Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Using remote sensing, Chinesearchaeologists believe the have located a city of the Protectorateof the Western Regions Nike Lunar Force 1 Pas Cher , a major city on the Silk Road, in KoyukShahri of Luntai County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


"Thanks to remote sensing Nike Air Force 1 Mid Femme Pas Cher , we can start our excavation of theProtectorate of the Western Regions this year," said Li Wenying Nike Air Force 1 Mid Homme Pas Cher ,deputy director of the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and ArchaeologyResearch Institute.


The city was established in 60 supervise domestic andforeign affairs around Tarim Basin, protecting the Silk Road frommilitary assaults.


However Nike Air Force 1 Mid Pas Cher , due to the devastation of the landscape around thearea, the precise location of the city was not confirmed. Therewere three candidates: Kona Shahri Nike Air Force 1 Low Femme Pas Cher , Koyuk Shahri and Drow Kurt.


Last year, archaeologists from the Institute of Remote Sensingand Digital Earth (RADI) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) exploited remote sensing technology to find an "abnormal"ring around the Koyuk Shahri Nike Air Force 1 Low Homme Pas Cher , which was later pro. Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale NCAA Jerseys   Wholesale NBA Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Cheap Jerseys   Cheap NCAA Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NBA Jerseys From China   Wholesale Cheap Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Football Jerseys China Free Shipping