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Food education plays a major role to develop the eating habits and the food choices of children. It can influence them to pick vegetables and fruits over unhealthy and processed food. In the long term it can even help the children build their perception of health and wellness in a positive way.

The unfortunate part is Cheap Joel Matip Jersey , in reality, food education rarely comes into the picture, especially in public schools education system as most public schools do not possess enough resources or time to concentrate attention on food schools program or food education in their classrooms. But whatever the reason Cheap Joe Gomez Jersey , the significance of food education at school level is immensely valuable for children of all age categories which cannot be overlooked.

Why Educate Children about Food?
It is extremely essential that children should learn about health and nutrition from a very early age. Children generally pick up their food habits and dietary style from their close ones like parents, siblings or friends. Therefore, it is important for families to incorporate or follow a healthy dietary habit to help their kids follow the path.
With education on food Cheap James Milner Jersey , schools and academic organization can help prevent childhood obesity which plays a major factor in many long term diseases as kids grow up. This is an issue that plagues children across the globe. Obesity is seen as a significant potential in many health related issues and complications, along with several emotional and social complications like learning problems, poor self-esteem Cheap Harry Wilson Jersey , unusual behaviour and depression.
Unlike adult, malnutrition causes severe impact on a child’s body and mind that can often have a permanent impact and therefore bring a dangerous result. This is one of the major reasons why children should be made knowledgeable about food, explained where does food come from Cheap Georginio Wijnaldum Jersey , and the importance of following a healthy dietary lifestyle.
Food education can also help kids combat the aggressive marketing strategies of food industries and companies in everyday life with baits like tempting discounts, free sugary treats, processed food and junk food options Cheap Emre Can Jersey , through explanation of the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. They should be taught about the relation between healthy eating and living well, and should be made aware of the dangerous impact of unhealthy eating and malnutrition on their bodies.
Apart from knowledge about malnutrition and obesity, food education in schools can help children understand the benefits of leading a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle and the overall benefits of good food in their day to day life. More than just focused on [Grammar issue]just weight Cheap Dominic Solanke Jersey , children, especially girls would make healthier food choices for the proper reasons and not concern themselves about attaining unrealistic body dimensions that the media portrays.

With time, many schools and educators have made efforts to incorporate food education and awareness about healthy living into their academic curriculums. There are also many online courses offered by educators to spread awareness among the mass. Tweet

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