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With the arrival of December, 2012 is about to come to an end. 2012 is another extraordinary year, and the year is about to pass, but there are too many experiences that have touched too much to be remembered.y people say that December 21, 2012 is the end of the earth. Whether this is true or not, we must face it optimistically and use a smile to conquer the disaster. When it comes to 2012, everyone has their own opinions in the eyes. For example, I did not regard 2012 as the end of the world, I regard it as a happy party, a beautiful feast. When it comes to 2012, he has too many stories that I can't forget: military training, long-distance running, financial management... When does this scene not come to my eyes? But to say that I am the most memorable, I must count the military life.is a special day, because we have to go to a place we want to go to the military camp for the entire six-year group Marlboro Red.rked on the bus with excitement Wholesale Cigarettes. Because of the excitement, we have been talking on the way to go, except for the teacher, there is no idle. an hour's drive, we finally came to the destination - Shenyang Armed Police Command Academy. After getting off the bus, we learned that our instructor surnamed Zhao. Zhao instructor took us to the bedroom to sort out the luggage (instructor preaching equipment). As soon as we pushed the door of the bedroom, we were all stupid: the bed (a piece of scrap iron) was covered with ash, and the ground was full of cigarette butts. We suddenly felt the gap between dreams and reality.he luggage, we should go to feed the stomach. The military camp is really strict. We must look at us when we have a meal. It seems that we are in prison. The instructors are all prison guards. In the military camp, eating depends on grabbing. If you can't eat enough, you will see your speed. Sometimes, less than a minute, the steamed bread and rice will disappear.having lunch, we went to the synagogue and opened a small welcome party. What is irritating is that there are rules to do. Relax can not relax, sitting in the military camp is still tired than standing still! a welcome meeting and our good days were over. We had to go to the training ground. The first day of training is a word - "station." We are standing all day, and for me, this flat-footed person is simply more uncomfortable than death. At this time, it was thanks to our Xiao Xia (Xia Junming) to cooperate with me - he pushed me to the ground during the break, I fell, and our Qu Sheng people took me to the infirmary of the military camp to apply me some medicine. I also just avoided the afternoon training, you can go directly to Mississippi (meal), hahahahahahahaha (it seems to be cheap).ting dinner, I thought I would go to the bedroom directly, but the general instructor did not know that it was the one that was pumped, and actually took us to the training ground for training. At night, the military camp was so cold, the instructor also had the heart to let us stand up. At that time, if God gave me a M16, I am sure that the first one rushed to smash the instructor (impulse is the devil)! At night, I don��t know how many hours the chief instructor told us to stand. I only remember that when we disbanded, our legs would not move. Many people were mixed back. Oh, it��s so bad!e time we are going to sleep, it is already more than 10 o'clock. Just listen to the instructor: " Turn off the lights and go to bed!" We unknowingly came to Zhou Gong's side. our second day at the military camp and military training. Today, the people in our entire bedroom are getting up very early, all thanks to the big silly alarm clock. God knows when he set the alarm clock, and called us all morning. Just six o'clock, we wanted to wash it, and the result was a half-way killing a teacher. Teacher Yan stopped us and pressed back to the bedroom: "Go to wash at half past six, what do you do up so early?"way, we were splashed with cold water in the morning. Just listening to a spoon, we rushed out of the bedroom and came downstairs to gather. We thought to myself: Hey, there must be no good days today. Don't be a joke, we really have no good days Newport Cigarettes Coupons. We didnief instructor did not know if there was a problem with his brain. He always said, "Well, everyone will stand for ten minutes Cheap Cigarettes." After more than half an hour passed, I said, "Okay, take a break." So we spent our time in confua steamed bun and some pickles that I have never seen before (it seems to be prehistoric), but I still give a bag of milk, otherwise I will be starved to death! ! ! I don't know if the brain is stupid or has a problem with theast, I waited for suffering. I really didn't expect it Marlboro Cigarettes. After eating breakfast, we didn't delay for a second and came to the training ground that the instructor said. When I arrived at the training ground, I suddenly felt so familiar, and let me suddenly realize that this is the training ground for our late training yesterday!