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Rocket star James Harden said in an interview that he and his Rockets teammates will travel to the Bahamas in the first week of  Buy NBA Live 19 Coins September.

"This is extremely important. I think it was great for us to do this last season because we built a chemical reaction before the training camp. Then it is obvious that we introduced Chris (Paul) and PJ at that time. (Tucker), we have had a season of experience together," Harden said.

Harden went on to say: "The introduction of other players, James (Ennis) and melon, is to let them adapt before the start of the training camp, this is what we need."

"This makes us closer. This allows us to  LOLGA  understand each other before the training camp begins. When the training camp starts, we will be in place right away. We will talk about basketball. We will talk about life. It should be a very interesting one. Time," Harden said.


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